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Company :

FitBox is committed in uplifting overall health of users and make India healthier and fitter. We deal revolutionary products that caters to all the vital and essential micro and macro nutrients you need and is delivered at your door-step every month.

FitBox is best suited for individuals who are busy with their work life, and would like to live a healthy and balanced life.

Team :

Director - Poonam Gupta is already an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist, managing ventures from paper industry to dental & health care. Her vision with FitBox is to bring awareness about 'lack of nutrients and vitamins in Indian diet' and to solve it by providing health supplements which are precisely selected based on the user's lifestyle & health.

She is commited to make people self-aware of their health & fitness and provide easier access to health-care and supplements.
Shashank is a pro-health pro-life kind of guy, who (tries to) never misses out on hitting the Gym. But keeping a track of his vitamins/proteins jar was a workout in itself and without them he would feel like quitting. Then with an idea conceived by his better-half he listed all his monthly proteins & vitamins requirements.

He is also an ace-developer & loves to fiddle with technology solving a neural network problem using deep learning. When he is not working, he is listening to Melodic Death Metal.
Swati used to take supplements her nutritionist recommended long ago, but did not realise the importance of it until she stopped taking it. That is when she developed the idea of ‘A box designed to meet individual-specific protein & vitamin requirement'. Together with Shashank, she started developing on FitBox.

Swati has great interest in music, playing golf & watching movies. She wants to learn different forms of dance and travel the world with her family, to explore new spaces with different cultures.
Prasham, a creative guy from your-same-old engineering background (duh!) started mingling with Illustrator & Image Designing during his earlier projects. He joined FitBox to provide the final piece missing to it i.e. to help build a presentable & user engaging product on the groundworks laid by Shashank & Swati.

Books & Guitars are his food-for-the-soul, cherishes Tolkien, Dota-2, Pink Floyd, and Lana Del Rey. Never misses out on anything FC Barcelona.

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