Overwork and work fatigue not only drain your energy and positivity, they also lead to other problems.

Heart problems, insufficient sleep, depression, back pains, anxiety, unwanted stress are results of overwork!

The Japanese even have a term for “death by overwork”! It's called Karoshi.

So how do you find sanity in all of this?

How do you find time for your friends and family, your hobbies, and your personal aspirations?

We’ve listed all the possible ways you can hit the pause button, relax and enjoy a little while every day!

Here are a few tips that will help you tackle work fatigue and stress -

  • Meditate: Add 10 minutes of calmness to your morning. It will not only help you clear your mind, you’ll be able to plan your day better.

  • Stop peeking at your phone: Make it a rule! DO NOT pick up your mobile phone the first thing in the morning. All the things can wait. Clearing all the notifications is not as important as clearing your mind of stress.

  • Family time: Decide that you want to spend quality time with your friends and family. Half an hour of quality time and hearty chat will lift your mood. Remember, a good mood is a key to more energy.

  • Focus on the now: What happens in a month’s or a year’s time is something out of your control. What you have is Today. You can either spend your day sulking and stressing or you can get focused on the now. Take small steps to a bigger goal.

  • Exercise: It doesn’t matter if you can’t run a marathon now. Start with 15 minutes daily walk and improve. Any form of exercise will work wonders for you. Exercise at this point in time should be an extension of your meditative state.

    As you exercise, you’ll be able to focus more, push yourself further and achieve more without the risk of burning out.

  • Eat healthy: The secret to good health is eating healthy. No matter who tells you otherwise, start eating healthy food! We know you’re a busy person, and even the coffee at your table gets cold before you take the first sip. But if you want to break out of the stress routine, you need to pay attention to what you’re eating. Samosas, vada pav, poha and other snacks can fill the tummy, but they’re not going to give you energy in the long run.

    Take 5-10 minutes snacking breaks – eat fruit and salads.

  • Sleep More: Pay attention to your sleeping patterns. Are you staying up late and waking up early? Is it affecting your day? Do you always feel tired and drowsy because you just can’t get enough sleep?

    Remember as you suffer more and more from lack of sleep, it’ll start affecting your decision making capability. As your ability to make correct decisions is affected, you start making mistakes. And nobody at your company will enjoy those mistakes.

  • Manage your time: Your professional and personal life are two different entities. So make them such. Draw a line where you simply cannot allow yourself to compromise. Know at which point you can stop worrying about how things will pan out if you’re not the one working.

    There will always be more work to do, more decisions to make, more meetings to attend. But where you draw your line will decide your burn out deadline. You don’t go to the gym and keep on exercising for 8 hours straight, do you? Pay attention to the warnings and signs your body keeps telling you about.

  • Learn to say NO: There’s a very interesting thing about humans – we always know what we don’t want to do. But we never muster enough courage to speak that out loud. We never say, I simply don’t want to do this.

    We know it is very difficult to say no at your workplace, but there are ways around it. We’re not telling you to avoid responsibilities or work less. All you need to do is prioritize with your seniors. Ask them, “Is this what you want me to do as your #1 task”? Deliver your promise and move on to the next task.

    By dividing things into small tasks and prioritizing, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary tasks which keeps you at your workplace for extended hours.

We hope the tips above help you become less stressed, more energetic and the most important of all – happy!

If you feel that you’re doing things right, but still feel tired throughout the day, it may not be related to work fatigue then. It might be possible that your body is lacking something – a vitamin/mineral deficiency may be.

At FitBox, we’ve partnered with expert nutritionists to understand why people feel tired and how we can improve their overall health. We’ve designed a few questions which will tell us, what is it that you’re lacking which is making you tired. Take this survey so that we can recommend you necessary supplements your body needs to improve your health.

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