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A survey conducted by IMRB interviewing 1,260 Indians, said “9 out of 10 Indians consumed less than adequate proteins daily”.
It added that 91% of the vegetarians . . .
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Well, for one, any type of sugar is mostly packed with calories and it becomes easier to over-consume them.
It is also known that sugar suppresses . . .
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Vitamin A deficiency is a serious and current nutritional problem in low income countries, 2nd only to protein-energy malnutrition.
It is probably the most important cause of preventable blindness . . .
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Decline Dumbbell PressThis week we are discussing Decline Dumbbell Press Exercise. One of the basic exercise that is very effective and easy to perform.

Main Muscle focused - Chest. . .

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You competed with other students, went to a good university and finally landed your dream job. Now your typical day at office involves you going through hundreds of emails, back-to-back meetings, clients calls and such.

The money is rolling in, but you’re always fatigued and stressed.

Is this the life you wanted when you dreamed of this job as a kid? Read on . . .

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Exercise - Incline Dumbbell Press

2018-06-02 14:37:46

Decline Dumbbell PressThis week's exercise is Incline Dumbbell Press. It is a very basic exercise for the upper body, that is very effective and easy to perform.

Main Muscle focused - Chest. . .

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