Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is FitBox?

    FitBox is a monthly subscription box containing premium vitamins & other health supplements, delivered directly to your doorstep. Each FitBox is customised as per your needs & habits.

  2. Why FitBox?

    FitBox helps with providing essential nutrients which are lacking in your body. Our goal is to introduce the benefits of vitamins & supplements. It is an awareness to eat healthy & live better.

  3. What is a subscription model?

    A subscription model means the products are automatically shipped to you 1'st of every month unless you decide to cancel.

  4. Where does FitBox ship to?

    For now, we only ship in India. Boxes are shipped via the best courier partners available.

  5. When will I receive my first FitBox? And when can I expect each box after that?

    We ship all our FitBox immediately from when we receive the order. So your FitBox should arrive in 5-7 days after the order is placed. And subsequently, each FitBox is shipped 30 days after the 1st Shipment.

  6. How to I pay for FitBox?

    We accept all the major credit and debit cards

  7. How do I cancel my subscription membership?

    To cancel any given FitBox send us an email at [email protected] . Refund amount will be according to the Refund Rules in Terms & Conditions.

  8. How does FitBox subscription billing work?

    You will be charged in total amount with regards to the Subscription Period you have chosen for your FitBox. There are no contracts and you can cancel FitBox subscription at any given time.

  9. Will my subscription auto-renew?

    No, once the current Subscription Period has ended for your FitBox, you will need to subscribe again from our website and make the payment.

  10. I received a notification that payment was declined for my FitBox. How can I update it?

    If this has occurred for the 1st time, try again with a different payment method. FitBox accepts all top Bank Debit/Credit Cards along with NetBanking. For multiple recurrences of this issue, call us at +91 9429013624 or drop a mail to [email protected] or visit the Chat Box on the website.

  11. My FitBox hasn't been delivered. Help!

    Visit your account which contains the shipment tracking number. Or Call us at +91 9429013624 or drop a mail to [email protected] or visit the Chat Box on the website.

  12. Will I be able to track my shipment?

    Yes, you can track your shipment through your account page on

  13. How much does shipping cost?

    There are no additional charges for Shipping.

  14. I have a question, how can I reach out to you ?

    You can call us at 9429013624 or chat with us on You can also email us at [email protected]

  15. I have never taken supplements, Is it safe to do so?

    Yes, our products have no side effects and you can start taking supplements anytime without worrying about safety or quality of FitBox products

  16. I am already taking medications? Are FitBox products safe to use in this case?

    You can definitely take FitBox products while taking your prescription medications. Our products have no side effects.

  17. How long should I take these products?

    We recommend you taking the products for 6 months to see a considerable difference in your health.

  18. How do I use a coupon code for FitBox subscription?

    Enter the Coupon Code you have at the Checkout Page.

  19. What if my coupon code doesn’t work?

    Double check your coupon code for any mistakes. Expired coupon codes will not be accepted. If the code is valid, send us an email at [email protected]

  20. Can I send someone FitBox as a gift.

    To send personalised FitBox to someone, please create their health profile by signing in. If you have any problem or any question please contact us at +91 9429013624 or email at [email protected] .

  21. There are other alternatives to FitBox online, Why FitBox?

    Fitbox picks the best nutrients your body requires as per your health style. Each fitbox is handpicked and curated for you by our expert nutritionist

  22. Can i purchase the box offline ?

    You can call us at 9429013624 or chat with us on You can also email us at [email protected] to start the order.