Privacy Policy

By visiting and using Our Website you consent and agree to FitBox collecting, managing, using, processing and disclosing your personal and other information in regulations with this ‘Privacy Policy’.


FitBox is committed to your Right to Privacy and aspires to keep all your information and data, whether current or past, whether as that of a Registered User or a Guest, secure with us.

We recommend you to read this Privacy Policy carefully and understand what type of data FitBox acquires from you and how we use such data.

Type of data collected:

Personal information that you provide us:

The information you provide when you use our Services, including when you sign up for an account, create or share, and message or communicate with others.

We also collect information about how you use our Services, such as the types of content you view or engage with or the frequency and duration of your activities. This information also includes your email address, mobile number, your age, gender, your interests, your lifestyle, your health goals, and other information which we may ask for. We also collect your profile pictures, connections, cover photos, contacts and social network details.

We ask you to provide a picture & a cover photo of yourself to better identify yourself, or we can also fetch your data from other social networking sites; the type & quantity of information provided by these social sites totally depends upon such sites and your privacy setting in such third party websites, but any information obtained from any source will be kept secured with us.


If you use our Services for financial transactions (like when you subscribe for a FitBox from our site or make a donation), we collect information about the purchase or transaction. This includes your payment information, such as your credit or debit card number, and other card information, and other account and authentication information, as well as billing, shipping and contact details. We may also use Third Party Payment Gateway for monetary transactions and also may acquire your bank account number for NEFT Transfer.

Hardware / Software information:

Information about your running OS, hardware versions, device setting, your ISP, geographic location through GPS, browser type you are using, time zone, your IP Address etc. We also implement COOKIES to fetch us this type of information.

Cookies are identifiers that we inject into your hardware via the web browser. They all help in providing you with a more personalized service, recommendations, previous bookings etc.

For any grievance regarding the personal information collected, please contact us via email @ [email protected], also visit Contact Us page for more details.

Purpose of collection & usage of the data:

FitBox collects your information to provide better service by using data mentioned above. By accessing these information, we can understand your requirement better and can make a better attempt in Finding You a FitBox according to your preferences.

We use your information to display your interest and requirements to potential users who can in a way contact you with the help of our platform. We only display & share selected information which is essential in making an informed decision about meeting your requirements. We use some portion of your information for purposes such as: for promotions, offers, notifications and messaging, etc.

We also use your data to connect with you when you want to communicate with us. We use your information for verification of your account and activity to provide safety and security on and to our services and other members.

FitBox will continuously monitor its content and verify its integrity; the inaccuracies in each of the users’ data shall be verified and annulled if required. This process helps in keeping FitBox neat and clean..

Disclosure / knowledge of information:

The majority of your information will not be shared to the Other Users & Members of FitBox. However, your information can be used for marketing and promotion of FitBox and as well as yourself on any marketing platform or physical marketing.

FitBox uses all, but not limited to, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, etc. for its promotion so that new users and join in and this small community can flourish.

If any circumstances or situations requires FitBox to share your data due to some legal obligation; then we are obliged to do so without notifying you in priority; however, the aim of such a step would only be to provide a better security at FitBox. And all the steps necessary to make sure that this data is not misused will be taken by FitBox.

Security practices & procedures:

FitBox makes a full effort in keeping your data secured and out of interception of anything. FitBox has no intentions of modifying/altering your data and believes in the preservation and confidentiality of the information shared with us.

We believe in individuality and that every user is unique and special in his/her own way, therefore, any misleading or bogus data will not be entertained and actions such as a Banning, Reduced Privileges, Suspension, or Termination of his/her account will be taken.

However, no websites can guarantee zero risks; therefore, in the case of any misfortunate event you have full backing and support of FitBox.

Returns Policy:

Users will be granted up to a week [7 days from delivery] for the unopened & packed return of FitBox. After that, a particular amount will be deducted for each day up to 15 days. No FitBox return will be accepted after 15 days from the Date of Delivery. Return shipment charges will be applicable for the return FitBox.

The amount will be refunded in the bank account within 10-12 days of generating the Return Ticket (in applicable cases).

In the case of False-goods, Bad product, Defective item/items, Packaging Damage etc. you will get a full return of money; upon the condition that you notify us within 7 days of time. No shipment charges will be applicable .

Changes in policy:

It is necessary to modify the terms & conditions of this policy in accordance with the required rules of the authority. FitBox can change the terms without needing the consent of its users.

The terms are drawn as to reflect and extract the best of each individual and FitBox, & its members, and to create a luxuriant health-supplement platform.


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